What would you do differently, if you could tap into your un-realised potential?

And then use it to the full, to take charge of every aspect of your personal and professional evolution?


If you are reading this, I assume this isn’t the first time you’ve been looking for answers... So what has been stopping you from making a change and living the life you REALLY want to live?

We would like to show you ‘a hidden secret’ to becoming TOTALLY in control of your personal and professional destiny.

If you are SICK of feeling stuck and frustrated about how to take your life to the next level…  

Then this is for YOU!

We are Mark and Nicky Taylor...


Two of the UK’s leading experts in behaviour and performance coaching, and since 2009, we have coached and trained hundreds of individuals from the UK and internationally to achieve their potential and live the life they want to live through our training and coaching business "The Taylored Life Company"

So how exactly do we help people break their old patterns, and start to take back control of their lives?

And also… WHY?

Jane's NLP+® Story


How can NLP+® practically help you? Listen to Jane Hoopers story of how she has used NLP+® to transform her life.

Going back to 2008… It was Monday morning… again!

The alarm clock was ringing, and as I slowly opened my eyes, the sense of dread filled my entire body from head to toe…


Every day had started to feel like groundhog day… Wake up, go to work, come home, sleep, repeat…


Inside, I was screaming… “Is this REALLY all there is to life?”

Now it wasn’t like we hated our jobs, we were actually really good at them and we made a decent living… But nevertheless, something was… Missing…

No matter how much we tried to shrug it off, it didn’t get better… It just got worse, and worse…

The problem was we felt disempowered...


Like we were just going through the motions from one day to the next without really taking the time to think about what it was we truly wanted, and what we needed to do to make it happen…

Because at the time, we felt stuck and unsure of what was next for us… We didn’t know what we wanted, all we knew was what we didn’t want…

We have always been highly capable individuals, but we KNEW we had a huge untapped potential inside us that we didn’t have full access to…

And we certainly weren’t using that potential, we knew we were capable of SO much more.

We longed to live with more meaning, more purpose, we just didn’t know how to get there…

This continued day after day, week after week, month after month...


We started each year with the intention that this year would DEFINITELY be different… but it wasn’t’… until we finally said… “ENOUGH!”

“We refuse to live like this any longer.” We have more to give and get from life, and we’re going to do EVERYTHING in our power to make it happen, to finally live the life that is in line with our true potential”

So like many people, we started out by reading personal development books and going to seminars...


...but most of what we read and learnt didn’t teach us anything that we didn’t know already.

And most importantly, it didn’t have any practical elements that we could apply to our lives to improve them…  we knew the theory, we wanted to know HOW to make those changes…

That was until we discovered the field of...

Neuro Linguistic Programming - 'NLP'


Caroline's NLP+® Story


How can NLP+® practically help you? Listen to Caroline Butcher's story of how she has used NLP+® to turn her side 'passion' Business into a full-time career.

So what is NLP?

We’re not sure whether you have come across NLP before, but basically it’s the study of…


  • Neuro

    How we process and interpret the world around us.

  • Linguistic

    How we assign meaning and ‘labels’ to that information to make sense of it.

  • Programming

    And how each of those things effects, predicts and results in us exhibiting different behaviours.

The thing we loved about NLP right from the start is that...

When you get down to it, not only does it provide really logical theories for why people think, feel and act the way they do, but it also provides practical techniques and strategies that pretty much anyone can use to get immediate change and results in their life!

So when we went through the NLP training courses ourselves, we got to experience all of the techniques and principles first hand, and started applying them to our lives immediately to reap the amazing benefits.

During our initial trainings, and throughout the weeks and months after...


Our passion increased, we felt more in tune with what we wanted and how to get it, our relationship felt stronger, we felt healthier and younger, and the benefits just continued to stack up!

We got curious...

We were getting amazing results for ourselves, so how effective could it be with helping other people to improve their lives too. Those who found themselves in similar situations to where we had been?

We decided to offer others the opportunity to learn NLP too!

To share with them what we had learnt about NLP, and walk them through the techniques as their coaches…


And we were simply BLOWN AWAY at the results that we could assist other people to get, and in such a short space of time…


We helped people to stop smoking, be free from anxiety, get over their fear of flying, overcome depression, and the list continues to go on to this day…

Literally LIFE CHANGING results.

Now a question that went around and around in our heads was “If this works as well as it does, and we have PROVEN it does, time and time again, then why is NLP not that well known, and why in some places online and on some websites is it painted in a less than positive light?

It just doesn’t make any sense!

It is TOTALLY possible to take FULL control of your life once you have the skills of NLP, so why isn’t this stuff widely known and used?

Who knows why this is the case? We’ll leave those debates for the conspiracy theorists…


But what we do know is that anyone who doubts this is possible, couldn’t be more WRONG! We have seen WAY too many success stories to believe that; and we believe you should too!

Hear From Some Of Our Past Delegates


We caught up with a number of our delegates following their attendance of our September 2018 Accelerate Live 8-Day NLP+® Practitioner Training to hear their thoughts on the experience...

This was amplified even further when we began delivering our own trainings in NLP, and developing our own unique style of delivering what we now call NLP+®.

We realised that what gave us the MOST amount of change and empowerment personally, was actually going through the NLP trainings and learning the techniques for ourselves.


1:1 coaching can (and does) get amazing results, but when people train in NLP themselves, the results can be astronomical…


So we now focus our efforts in providing world leading trainings in NLP+®, and we are two of just a handful of NLP Master Trainers in Europe, who are qualified to train people to become NLP Trainers themselves and train others in NLP…

…and we get to enjoy seeing our students transform the lives of even more people in their own training and coaching businesses too!

So we would like to take this opportunity to formally introduce you to...

The Taylored Life Companies ‘Accelerated Live 8-Day NLP+® Practitioner Training’


This transformational training is the result of a decade of robust testing, tweaking and refining of the NLP Practitioner Course syllabus… Certifying hundreds of NLP+® Practitioners…

…Investing hundreds of thousands of pounds into our own personal and professional development...

…and weaving all of that experience and knowledge into making our Accelerated Live 8-Day NLP+® Practitioner Training the world leading, evolutionary, training course that it is today!

It has been designed from the ground up to allow our students to get phenomenal results in their life quicker and easier than any ‘run of the mill’ NLP course, and certainly WAY more effectively than 99% of ANY OTHER personal or professional development training you will ever attend… Guaranteed!

Both during their Training and in the weeks, months and years after taking their training… Our delegates say:

They have a DEEPER connection with what they should be doing with their life so they can live life with more purpose and more meaning.

They now enjoy UTILISING a wide variety of new skills that have allowed them to become masters of their thoughts, focus and emotions so that they can negotiate and influence at the highest level and be much more effective at carving a path to their new fulfilling futures.

They can now access their FULL potential so they can take their personal and professional lives to new exciting and fulfilling heights.

Jax's NLP+® Story


How can NLP+® practically help you? Listen to Jax O'Sullivan's story of how she has used NLP+® to transform her personal and professional life.

Hear what our past delegates have had to say about their experiences.

Here are just a small number of the many testimonials we have received from people who have attended our NLP+® Trainings.


What is included in the training?

So if YOU would like to attend one of our upcoming Accelerated Live 8-Day NLP+® Practitioner Trainings, here’s what you will get:


•  Life time access to the online NLP+® Pre Study Programme consisting of 22 video modules for you start learning and complete before you attend the live training and use as a valuable resource after the training… (worth £697)

•  8 Days of Live, Interactive, Practical Training at our training centre in Birmingham... (worth £1,927)

•  The NLP+® Training Manuals containing all of the scripts and information you need to learn the mindset, skills and techniques we have spoken about, and to qualify you as a world class practitioner of NLP... (worth £297)

•  You will also learn and be certified in Time Line Therapy® at the practitioner level. Time Line Therapy® is an incredibly powerful technique for releasing negative emotions, overcoming limiting beliefs, setting effective goals and much more… (worth £927)

•  You will also learn and be certified in Hypnotherapy+ at the practitioner level. Self-Hypnosis is a great set of skills to have, very effective for stress and dealing with problems such as insomnia... (worth £927)  

•  And you will also learn and be certified in NLP+® Coaching at the practitioner level. So you will have a thorough understanding of how to apply your new NLP+® skills to your life, meaning that you are totally self empowered… and as an added bonus, you will also be able run effective coaching sessions with others should you wish to... (worth £497)

•  Before you attend your training, you will also have a pre-course consultation with your NLP+® In-House Coach to go through your pre-study programme and set your own personal goals for the training... (worth £267)

•  Following your course, you will be given access to our Online Membership area for Post Course Support and bonus NLP+® Practitioner Resources... (worth £197)

•  You will also have the opportunity to re-attend a live NLP+® Practitioner Training in the future, FREE of charge, either as a delegate or a coaching assistant, as part of our Taylored Life Company Coaching Assistant Programme... (worth £1,927)


All of this is added together is worth £7,723…


Now, we aren’t going to charge you that price, BUT…


If all this training did was help you to gain a deeper connection with what you should be doing with your life, and STOP wasting time feeling stuck and frustrated about what’s next and what you could or should be doing… Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was help you to learn new skills to be more effective at carving a path to your new fulfilling future… Would it be worth it?

If all this training did was help you access your FULL potential so you can take your personal and professional life to a higher level… Would it be worth it?

So as we have said, we won’t charge you £7,723 to attend the training…

The cost of attending one of our upcoming live Accelerated Live 8 Day NLP+® Practitioner Trainings is just…


And… you can secure your seat today with a deposit of just £600!


Further discounts available!


We also offer further discounted rates depending on which payment terms you choose and also if you purchase your seat as part of one of our special multi training packages.

We would be happy to discuss these options with you over the phone… Simply get in touch by phone or email to speak with a member of the team now!

The transformation people get from this training truly is mind blowing, and we hear comments from past delegates time and time again, saying they wish they made the decision to attend earlier…

Guarantee Box icon-style-25

Achieve Your Goals Or Get Your Money Back!


We are so confident that you will achieve your goals for the training that if you aren’t totally blown away by the course, we offer a full money back guarantee on your purchase.

More purpose, more control, and REAL change and transformation...

Just imagine for a moment what your life will be like when you have…



    What would it be like to have more purpose and meaning in your life?


    What would it be like to have TOTAL CONTROL over your focus, thoughts, emotions and your path to your new fulfilling future?


    What would it be like to have TRANSFORMED your personal and professional life so you are living your life in line with your true potential?

Limited seats available, apply today to secure your seat...

We only have 40 seats available for each of our Accelerated Live NLP+® Practitioner Trainings, and we only run two of these trainings each year…


  • 1

    Start The Application Process

    So all you need to do is click the 'APPLY NOW' button at the bottom of this page and complete the form to begin your application and start the enrolment process.

  • 2

    Set Your Goals and Secure Your Seat

    Once you have completed your application form, a member of the team will be in touch to find out a bit more about your goals for attending ,as each of our trainings are tailored to each of our delegates personal needs and aspirations, they can discuss the most suitable date for you to take your training, and secure your seat.

  • 3

    Schedule Your Pre-Course Personal Consultation With Your In House NLP+® Coach

    Once you have secured your seat, we will assign you your personal NLP+® In-House coach and schedule your pre-course personal consultation, to find out, if this were to be the best investment that you have ever made, what would that looks, sound, feel like… So that by the time you complete your Training, you are already experiencing that transformation that you want.

  • 4

    Complete Your Pre-Study Programme Before You Attend The Course

    We will also walk you through your pre-study programme and material, and your In-House Coach is always on hand to answer any questions that you have.

How to know if our Accelerated Live 8-Day NLP+® Practitioner Training is for you?

Now for those of you who are on the fence, can we ask you a question?


If not now, then when?


So many people put off important things till ‘later’… When they have the money, or when the ‘time is right’…

The thing is, you can always earn more money, but you only have a limited amount of time, and how you choose to spend it is on you.

We are already living life in alignment to our true purpose, and so are hundreds of our graduates…

So when are you going to start living yours?

We would LOVE to meet you on our next Accelerated Live NLP+® Practitioner Training and assist you in creating the future and life you want... and deserve.

The first step is completing the form and beginning your application…

Your personal and professional evolution awaits…

Take the first step to your new future and apply now...

Click the 'Apply Now' button, complete the form, and a member of the team will contact you to begin your application process.


Apply for a seat on one of our upcoming Accelerated NLP+® 8-Day Live NLP+® Practitioner Trainings

Please complete the form below to start the application process.

Once you have completed the form, a member of the team will be in touch with you to find out a bit more about your goals for attending (as each of our trainings are tailored to each of our delegates personal needs and aspirations), they can discuss the most suitable date for you to take your training, and secure your seat...

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